(C&F Agents for A.P.)


We are associaterd with these companies to provide organic and inorganic chemicals for day to day work in research institute and science colleges.

Apart from above we are also serving the needs of scientific family by providing essential lab Aid items.

    Dettol Liquid fropm Rickitts & Benckisers (I) Limited.
    Slides & Savalon from - Johnson
    Itiol from I.T.C.
    Sterilium - from Raman & Weil
    Phenyl - from NathPeters

  • Tissue Paper - Roll of different weight - from Panama Corporation.

  • Lab Coats, Aprons, Uniform, Boiler suit Caps, Shoe Cover - of cottron and Polyster
    from Ina Industries.

  • Disposable Face Masks, Caps, Aprons - Shoe Cover Coats ect
    from - Plastic Surge.

  • Plasticware Items - Beaker - water Bottles, Flasks, Wash Bottle, 
    Seperating Funnel Reagent Bottle, Stands ect - from Kasablanka and Polylab.

  • Micro Pipettes - Fix and Variable volume - Tips ect. - from Microlit & kasablanka

  • Strip and Blister Pack
    Marking Ink from - Dolphin Inks.

  • Membrance, Catriges and Filteration system
    from - Sartorious and Milipore

Apart from above we can supply vacutainers, Hamilton, Microlitre Syringes, Indian and Imported Thermometers, Hydrometers, ect - only you have to enqer and we have to provide.

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