(Mfg. Centrifuge, Stirrer, Shaker, Magnetic Stirrer)


The well known company manufacturing medical Centrifuge Machines, Stirrer, Shakers and Magnetic stirrers -the 1st choice of any medico.
other Speciality are.
3) VaccumPump and Oil less CompressdPharma Instrument for Pharma Industries,
Mice and Rabbit Cages,- Electronic Analytical Instruments Single Pan and Digital Balances of Dhona and Imported. Test seives and SieveShaker ofJayant Brand Laboratory and Industrial Instruments from 'SHITAL'SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES.
Further we are the sole selling.Agent for the Imperial Bio-Medics for Micro Biology Kits,- cDNA Library Products-Services- Mutagenesis -PCR Enzyme and Bio Chemicals.
Apart from this we have Labwares and Lab Essentials Like -Vortex genie (R) Spinner - Mini Micro Centrifuge-Roto -Shaker-Gene (R). Horizontal and Vertical gel units PCR-Plates.Cell culture tubes.Micro tubeRacksParafilm- Anti static weighing Boats mini- Thermometer -etc.

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