(Mfg. Laboratory Chemicals)


The name trusted by Research scholar for several decades in the entire world and have accrediation of ISO-9002- the quality assurance plays a vital role and to serve our valued customer - we are proud to associate ourself with this well known company since last 20 years as their authorised stockist in AP  apart from above chemicals qualigen is also providing

  • Media from OXOID
    for - Food & Dairy, health care casmic Testing and pharma industries

  • Fused silicaware and quartz
    Silica Basin - Crucible, Triangle muffled tray, combustion Boat ect.
    Silica and double distiller 
    Aqua soft water spftner
    Boiling Unit - Acid distillation

  • Filter Acids - Filter paper sheets and circules with different porosity for 
    qualitative filteration.

  • Digitrate Digital Burette and electronic dispenser from 0.1 ul to 5.0ul multiple channel micropoippete fixed volume & Variable volume and pipette controller

  • Disinfectants - like levermed and glutaril in different pack.

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