(Mfg. of silicone Transparent Tubing)


Manufactured of silicone transparant tubing, ideal for use in pharmaceuticial, medical, surgical and electrical industries

From Inner diameter ranges form 0.5mm to 48.0mm with an outer diameter form 1.7mm to 54.0mm and wall thickness form 0.60mm to 6.0mm. 

Salient features

  • FDA approved raw-material
  • Completely non-toxic Tube
  • Excellent heat resistance (from-500c to 2500c)
  • Repeatedly autoclavable
  • No Leaching of particles
  • Completely Flexible
  • Retains elasticity even after prolonged use 
  • Transparency of the tubes allows visibility of the fallowing fluid
  • Very durable compared to latex and PVC Tubes 
  • High degree of dielectric strength 
  • Compatible with most drug formulations
  • Odourless

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