(Mfg. Slides and Cover Slips)

(Mfg. Of Acid, Alkaline proof Rubber tubing & corks)



(Mfg. Of fused Silica-Lab-Ware)

(C&F Agents for South India)

(Mfg. Membrances, Certridges & Filteration Systems)

(Mfg. of Dettol & Teepol)

(Mfg. Bode Chemie Hi-Tech Disinfectants)

(Mfg. Strip and Blister Pack Marking Links)

(Mfg. Laboratory Grede Tissue Papers & Rolls)

(Lab Costs & Aprons)

(Mfg. Laboratory Chemicals)

(Mfg. Disposable Face Masks, Gloves & Caps)

(Mfg. Mice & Rabbit Cages)

(Mfg.Test Sievesand Sieve Shaker)

  • Antiseptic Solution : Dettol, Savalon, Cidex, Cetrimide, Iteol, Septol, Sterillium, Autoclave indication tape and lable

  • Aluminiumn Foil & Caps

  • Aprons : of Plastic, Cotton, terricot etc.

  • Paper : Butter Paper, Brown Paper 

  • Brushes 

  • Balance Weighing Boats

  • Bark Corks 

  • Bungs 

  • Bottles 

  • Buckets 

  • Bulbs

  • Calculators

  • Cotton : Absorbant & non-absorbant

  • Counting Chambers 

  • Charts

  • Slides Specimens 

  • Cleaning material : Vim Powder, Washing Soda, Prince & Hi-Discs scented phenyl,  Liquid & Powder Soaps, Soaps, Coolin, Flit, Baygons spray, Yellow duster cloth, master mops, Naphthelein Balls, cap crimpers cling film, clips

  • Disposable : Syringes, Needles, Gloves, Face Masks, Caps, Shoe cover, and aprons, Dry Ice, Distilled water,. Droppers

  • Ear Muffs, Plugs, Enamel ware

  • Filter Paper sheets, circles, Thimbles & pads

  • Filter Cloth

  • First aid box

  • Glass marking pencils & Pens 

  • Gloves of asbestos : Cotton, Housary, Latex, Rubber, Acid & Alkalic shock proof, Gauze cloth, Glasss beads with & Without hole.

  • Hydrometer Hydrometer : Hot air blower, Haemacytometer, Haemometer.

  • Immersion Heaters : Ice Industrial & Imported Chemicals

  • Jacks   

  • Kidney Trays

  • Label Markers

  • Labels

  • Lubricants

  • Lens cleaning Tissue

  • Metal ware of stainless steel : Aluminium, Mildsteel & Cast Iron Ex. Burete clamp Condensor clamp, Bunser Burner, Marker & Teclu burner, Cork Borer set, Draining rack, Filter holder  Filter Pump, Forceps- pointed, blunt & Bend type gas & water taps, holders 

  • Pinch cock pipette & Petridishes : Sterilizing boxes, retort stand & ring, tripod & Test tube Stands  scissors, spatulas, tongs, trays, wire guaze & Baskets.

  • Nickle wire : Crucible & Dish, Nylon Mesh.

  • Platinumware, Plasticware  : Polythene bags, L.D. & P.P.bags& sheets porcelain ware

  • PH stick pen type, plasticinev : Parafilm, pipettors, pipetetips, pasteur pipettes disposable

  • Quartz triangles & Tubing

  • Rubber tubing ordinary & Pressure, bulbs, chloroform bulbs & Corcks

  • Stop Clock & Watches : Digital & Mechanical, sodium vapoure lamps, surgical gloves, blades, syringe Micro with luer mount or luer lock, Seitz filters, silica Crucibles & Dishes

  • Thermometers : mercury, alcohol, longstem, "L" Shape & digital, Thermo hydrometer

  • Thermometers : Wet & dry Max, -Min & wall, Teflon coated magnets, tubing: Plastic, Rubber, Latex, Silicone  Trolleys, Tiles, Tiles, Timers.

  • Ultra Violet tubes : Ultra violet blackwood lamps

  • Vials : Vial Racks, Vernier, Guages, Viscometer

  • Weight Box : Whatman Products, Waste Bins, wintrobe tubes.



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