(Mkg. Pipette, Tips, Racks, PCR, Culture Ware)

(Mfg. wide range pf Micro Pipettes)

(Mfg. Centrifuge, Stirrer, Shaker, Magnetic Stirrer)

(Mfg. Monocular, Binocular, Trinocular)

(Mfg.Oil less Compressor, Vaccum Pumps)

(Mfg. Pharma Instruments)

(Mfg. of All Analytical Instruments)

(Mfg. of Single pan, Digital Balances)

(Mfg. of industrial & Laboratory Instruments)




  • ABBE -Refracto-meter :  Air-Curtain, Ammonia diffusiom plant, Autoclave, Automatic Pipette washer, ABBE flash point apparatus, aniline point apparatus, animal cages, Anerobic Chamber, Animal isolator

  • B.O.D Incubators : Ball mill, Baths, Blood Cell counter, Bomb calorimeters, Bulk density 

  • Apparatus : Bunsen Electric, butrro refractometer, boyley"s law apparatus

  • Calorimeter : Centrifuge, cloud and pour point apparatus, colony counter, cyclo mixer, cleveland flash & Fire point apparatus, comparator box, cone pentrometer, cement autoclave, conductivity meter, chromatographic chambers

  • De-himidifler : De-ionizer, Disintegration test apparatus dissolved oxygen analyser, dough mixer dough roller, Drop point apparatus

  • Egg-incubator : Electro phoresis apparatus, Emulsifier

  • Fermentation chamber :  Flame photometer, Floculator, Fumehood, Flame photometer

  • Gas plant : Growth chamber, Gauging trowl, Galvanometers

  • Heating mantle & Pads, Homogeniser, Hot & Cold air blower, Hot plates, Humidifiers

  • Incubator : Incubator shaker bath, innoculationm hood, insect-box inst rument sterilizer, illuminating magnifier, infra red moisture balance.

  • jaw crusher : Jolting apparatus, jacks (box & open type)

  • Karl fischer titrator * Lab-mill, lab-pilverizer, Laminar flow bench, LUX-Met er, Laboratory stirrer

  • Melting/Boiling point : Apparatus, Mercuty diffusion pump, Micro-tomes, melting point of petroleumwax, mifflffurnance, Magnetic stirrer, Micropscopes, mechanical agate mortar & Pestle.

  • Nephelo : Turbidity-meter, Needle vibrator * Oscillio scopes, oscillators ovens.

  • PH Meter : Photo chemicals reactor, photo electric calorimeter, Polarimeter, Potentio meter, Projectors, pyrometer, petistaltic pump.

  • Quartz Distillation & Quick freezers

  • Refracto Meters : Rotary vacuum Evaporator, Relative density appara tus, Rotary shakers Reciprocating shakers.

  • Sand Bath : Seed germinatinatior, soxhlet extraction apparatus, Spectro photometer, stirrers, spectrometer, Geive shaker

  • Table hardness test apparatus : Tissuye culture hood, Tissue homogeniozer, Tissue Culture, rack, TLC Kit, Tintometer, Tacho meter, Test Seive, Tablet coating pan, Tablet counter, Tablet making machine, Thermo-hydrometer.

  • Ultra violet cabinet : Ultra low Te,p, bath, Universal auto titrator.

  • Vacuum pump : Vacuum rotary evaporator, vaccine storage cabinet, VDRL- shaker, viscometers, vibrating table, Voltage stabilizer.

  • Water bath : Water jacketed oven, water purifier, water still, willymill, water testing kit.




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