(Mfg. Scientific & laboratory Glassware)


Borosil Glass Works Limited was established in December 1962 in collaboration with Corning Glass works of U.S.A., the world leader in glass, to manufacture borosilicate low expansion glass-a type of glass so special it requires melting temperatures as high as 1625oC and a technology so sophisticated that even today very few countries in the world possess it.

Today Borosil manufacture extremely high quality Tubing, Blownware and Pressware, complete state of the art equipment is available for every process-melting, annealing, tube drawing, blowing, sintering, grinding measuring, certification and screen printing. The spirit of growth and technical upgradation is a continuous process making Borosil a leader in specialty glass in the spot of the hemisphere from turkey to Japan. Borosil has found use in over 2000 different products and applications, in areas as diverse as microbiology, biotechnology, photo printing, laboratory ware, solar collectors, process system and consumer ware.

Besides our own country, it is now a house hold name in Africa, South Asia, Eastern  Europe and Middle East.

Borosil also brings you now highly specialized items in Quartz. 

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